Friday, 17 April 2015

One of those days

Got out of bed the wrong side
Really?  Is there a right side?
Do we notice things going well?
Do we note that day too?
Eschew thoughts that are blue
Let good things accrue?
We can change our mood
Focus on light
Then life can take flight

By Caroline Whalley

Postcard from Paris

23rd July. Weather good. Food is fine.
Went round the Louvre. Now drinking some wine.
Wish you were here.

Actually, the weather is cold and the meal is now past.
The Louvre went on forever, its rooms are so vast.
And I’m glad your not here.

By the time that you get this, I will have a new life.
Paris convinced me I’m not material for a wife.
There is art, there is music and it sings in my ears.
I have worried, I have stressed and through all of the tears
I realise you will hate me, your mother was right
I was always just hedging before I took flight.
I know you will hate me, I anticipate arrows from afar.
Please forgive me and forget me. There’s no au revoir.

By Linda Prince

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Angel Nurse

Your serenity belies the skills
Needed to bow to the wills

Of doctors and patients both

In ataractic state

You manage impatience, frustrations.

You may no longer hold a lamp

Still you place on lives, a stamp.

A steady, calming, even hand,

That unperturbed

Metes out remedies on demand.

By Caroline Whalley