Sunday, 21 August 2016


Olympic Great

We jump, we run and leap up high
We dive, duck and fence and punch you in the eye
We pass the ball and lift the weight
And wait with baited breath to leave the gate.
They win a bronze or silver or gold
And we will remember the records held until we are old.
I might take up fencing or maybe the javelin is for me
Then again, I pass on the baton across to the three.
Every four years I think I will take up a sport
I know that I should, I know that I ought.
I admire the fitness and the dedication of the team
I aspire to the commitment just dreaming the dream.
Well done to them all, every one who attended.
Well done everyone one striving with sinews extended.
Maybe I will exert myself and say that I tried
Or maybe I’ll take a rain check as it’s raining outside.
I could get gold for sofa surfing late into the night
Enthralled as I watch our Olympians with futures so bright.
You jump, you run and you leap up high
I duck and dive, sit on the fence with my bleary eye.
I’ll pace myself and take four years to get in shape
For another settee race, cry to the anthem and a medal drape.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016



Just when you think things can't get more mad
and you turn on SKY News but there's more madness to be had.
Would we leave or stay - seems a lifetime away
and the sherry in the cabinet sees a new Cabinet to stay
but for how long? We can not know or even guess.
And then there is the battle for the soul of Labour no less
and a fight for the State of the Union just across the shrinking pond.
There is pain and sorrow and hurt and divide for tout le monde.
Olympians banned and questionable world records.
Old buddies challenged on a list of the lords.
We watch the Euro on it's merry go round while the pound's on the slide
and I'm starting to wonder if there's a place I can hide.
The pundits adore it - the doom and the gloom,
and we wonder what gives up in the Boardroom.
Who gets the bonus and who gets the boot?
Stats and graphs for knife crime and graphic pictures of - well, shoot -
those cut down and injured and harmed for no reason.
The news in a loop and the world in a silly season.
Every day I switch on the box and every day surpasses the previous
as it trails out the good, the bad, the ugly and devious.
Today - let's be merry, of good cheer and party
for tomorrow no one knows who will lead any Party.

Friday, 8 July 2016

It's been a long time

It has been a long time .....
Don't know where the time went - but it did. Well, let's see if we can start again ....

Predestination is where I am at -
Destiny calls and fate intervenes,
A forecast, a decree turns me this way or that
And the thoughts of a poet emerging serene.
Shall we write? Shall we sing?
Shall we join up the words we are thinking?
Yesterday, it was foggy and the Lines were all blurred
But today it awakens, no longer interred.
Vacation or vocation? Which do we choose?
Letters forming slowly, can we catch them
Before they dissipate and recede in the mist?
They slip through our fingers, or vanish like news
But if we try, we can tempt them to stay,
If only for a moment in time.
Destiny calls and the future is mine.